• Skylark Manpower Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., tags in versatile business activities like recruitment, temporary staffing,executive search, corporate safety trainings, HR and skill training for shipyards and construction, oild & gas,manufacturing and service industries. 
  • Our staffing solutions and exceptional customer service serve as vital connection between employers and job seekers. Our goal is to meet customer expectations. Our extensive experience and quality service has gained us much trust by reputation and referral, especially in engineering, technical and skilled placement. 
  • With this success, we have enjoyed wide range of clientele from various industries. Skylark Skills Training Pvt Ltd is popularly known as skylark, is a skills training and development organization established in the year 2010. SKYLARK Training Centre is popularly known for quality deliverance of Skilled and non-skilled candidates from Tamil Nadu as well as other parts of India. 
  • Over the last 8 years, SKYLARK had trained, mobilized and recruited 8000 workers and has provided the highest level of quality and services to our clients in Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East.
  •  In this regard, we strongly believe that our overall experience in construction, marine, oil & gas manufacturing and service industries. Catering to manpower needs is our strength. We are committed
    to strive for the best quality in our performance.

A down-to-earth approach and a proven success record for contributing incalculably towards the escalation of Human Capital makes Skylark stand apart. 

Our extensive database and qualified professionals specializing in different fields make it easier to devise result-focused strategies.

                                         “Our constant team effort is our key to success…”

Enduring by the social ethics, quality standards and business values, we have a niche of reputed clientele. Our professionalism and quality values are our non-compromising ethical standards. 

Our valued assets are strong network, industry knowledge, well-qualified and experience professionals with a holistic approach. 

We hold respect for humanity, which we believe that people are the greatest resource. We are responsible and efficientto handle your needs with thoroughness. We are reliable and competitive catalytic tool, constantly enriching the HumanCaptial.


We aim to deliver the two most important business elements, quality and speed. Another significance is to facet as the strongest organization for an ethical business approach.


Our mission is to attain a universal gratitude in the corporate world, and to establish it as one of the most reliable name for distinguished manpower services. Our idea is to set a new scale by presenting a spirited, quality persistent and result-driven human capital service.